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 Fancy Pants
Our highest titled agility/rally Cavalier Champion
Bred by Estancia &. Owned by Mary Morris


CH Mayfield Quintessential - "Quin" 2018
Father is Ch Grantilly As Good As it Gets ROM
(This is his 44th Champion)

CH Mayfield Lolly Pop
Our first Champion for 2018

CH Mayfield Calendar Girl
Lolly's sister
owned and loved by Mayfield and Diane Fessler sincew she was a Cavalier puppy.


BIS CH. Grantilley As Good As It Gets (Quigley)

AKC/USA CH. Mayfield Crown Prince, JW


CH Mayfield Cashing in at Torrey Pine
This is CASH, owned by Jeff and Tami Byroads of San Diego. Cash has won 2 Best Puppy in show and finished his championship at one year old. A true rising STAR!! BELOW: BIS Ch. Ravenrush Impresario "Maestro" owned by Marilyn  and Cindy Madden. Maestro is an All-Breed Best in Show winner and winner of the FIRST AKC National Specialty.

This beautiful GRAND Champion is owned by Jeff and Tami Byroads and Mayfield. ACE is a son of Ch. Quigley and Ch. Sara. Ace has many Best of Breeds to his credit shown by his owners. BELOW: The beautiful young, Grand CH Mayfield Prince of Hearts.

****BELOW are some Mayfield Cavaliers at home****

GRAND CH. Mayfield Lottie Dottie Doo, JW
Mayfield Prince of Hearts

Lottie (above) is the first female Cavalier Grand Champion in the USA. Lottie's litter brother below, ANDY, GCH Mayfield Prince of Hearts. This stunning boy, and father of many beautifull Cavalier puppies, is owned by Dick and Peggy Preston of Peoria, Arizona.

Tami and Cash in the Group at the Queen Mary 2011

Boy's just want to have fun! Champion Leo takes his victory swim.



cavalier puppy

cavalierpuppyzcavalier puppy obedience


vv Agility Stars

Mayfield Cavaliers owned by George and Sandra Mills.
Angus and AKC CH. Oliver have many AKC titles between them.
Boys just love to have fun!

A Cavalier puppy can be well trained in obedience work!

Agility Stars
                   Mayfield Cavaliers owned by George and Sandra Mills
     Angus and AKC CH Oliver have many AKC titles between them
                                         Boys just love to have fun!

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